Where I am at now.

I’m not entirely sure why I stopped writing in here and I was without a piano for a while.

In August, I moved from Luxembourg to Brussels so the Roland digital which I was using in Luxembourg went back to its home and I had an 8 month period sans piano. Well, I bought a piano at the end of January but it was 2 months before it was delivered.

The new piano is another digital because I still live in an apartment, a Kawai CA-59. I love it. In preparation for it I bought a lot of sheet music to mess around with. It occurs to me that possibly I need to organise the sheet music better. This is not actually straightforward because I was hoping there’d be some sort of cloud application that you could point at and say “I have these books” and it would automatically list all the contents. Now, it’s not a big problem with piece specific scores like the concertos but I have the best of Ludovico Einaudi and several books by Yann Tiersen as well as a bunch of Rachmaninov. And also, do I need to list all the the Chopin Etudes? Yes, actually.

So this works if you have all your sheet music digitally. However, I don’t. Most/all of mine is in printed format. So I looked at the book apps like Goodreads and LibraryThings. Not really great either. Mostly I want to use this to track what I am learning. An Excel Spreadsheet is lining up for duty I fear.

Of course this doesn’t include the music I arrange for myself so yeah. And that will all only ever be digital and printed on my laser printer. This is mostly possibly because I bought Notion for iPad and it’s a side point for the time being.

In addition to that, I’ve been considering the need to do some goal setting and planning for how to arrange things and now I’ve realised that I tried to do something like this when I built this site. I’m rather embarrassed by that so will look at a different way of setting goals and objectives offline.