Goals and Objectives

The basic goal is to become a better piano player before my body says no. And also, because I want to be a decent player when I eventually get around to buying my own grand piano.

Key skills

  • Reading Music
  • Aural/relative pitch and intervals
  • Music theory
  • Repertoire
  • Technique

Reading Music

Current state of affairs:
  • Fluent in G clef between middle C up to high A
  • Increasingly fluent in the octave above that
  • Weak in the octave below middle C
  • Reasonably fluent on the bass clef between the lines up to middle C
  • Very weak below low G.
Plan of Action

Modern technology is wonderful here. I have a sight reading testing app which has been effective in increasing fluency in the high octave. Current schedule is to

  • continue drilling high octave (g clef)
  • increase drilling low octave (g clef)
  • start drilling low octaves (bass clef)
  • start drilling full g clef
  • start drilling full bass clef

Target Metric: 32 correct answers in each 30 second test for each section listed above.

Aural/Relative pitch

Current state of play
  • Relative pitch is reasonably strong
  • Intervals for most keys are reasonably strong
Plan of Action

Continue drilling and identify weaknesses in 7th intervals.

Target metric: 100% correct answers on relevant application

Music Theory

Current state of play
  • Difficult to assess in detail
  • recognition of key signatures for some keys is weak (particularly over 4 sharps or flats)
  • Full revision required
Plan of action
  • Can drill the key signatures via one of the apps
  • Background reading is required to identify gaps in terminology – Dummies Guide to Music and Piano (two books) have been acquired as a starting point for reading.

Target Metric: 100% correct answers for key signatures on relevant application. Also ongoing updates to site in terms of newly acquired or reacquired information.


Current state of play

I lack a classical party piece. All my for public consumption pieces are from Irish repertoire.

Plan of Action
Short term priorities
  • Valse Triste – Sibelius
  • Nocturne in C# Minor (posth) – Chopin
  • Valse d’Amelie – Tiersen
  • Sur le Fil – Tiersen
Long term options
  • Valse Fantaisie – Glinka/Gryaznov
  • Ballade No 1 – Chopin
  • Ballade No 2 – Chopin
Target Metric:
  • Completion of the Chopin Nocturne by Dec 31 and possibly one other
  • Progress in the Glinka noted in practice notes.


Current state of play

Currently weak

Plan of Action:
  • Hanon 1 and 2 in C, G, D, A and E flat.
  • Review contents of Czerny and set target objectives at next practice session
Target Metric
  • Hanon 1 and 2 complete as described inline with metronome markings
  • At least 1 Czerny exercise complete and in line with metronome markings